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Coach Urges Sunderland Forward To Join Bigger Club

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We are not good enough for Jozy Altidore, says his national team coach. Wrap your heads around that one.

Mark Runnacles

USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann hopes that Jozy Altidore leaves Sunderland and joins a Champions League club this summer.


The German is convinced that there is something of an inferiority complex in US football, with their top players lacking the belief to play at the top level of the game. It's definitely not that they lack talent, apparently, it's belief. Okay then.

Kilnsmann told ESPN:

We need players someday like Brazil, Argentina that play Champions League. Champions League in Europe is the crème de la crème.

This is where the trend is made in the Champions League. The way they play this year in the Champions League, you will see it in the World Cup in Brazil in summer. The systems, the approaches because it is the best of the best. We do not have players there.

My wish is that maybe after the World Cup we get Jozy Altidore, our No. 9, into a Champions League team or Tim Howard becomes goalkeeper of a big team. We have good players, but we don't have the belief yet that we belong in there.

Now, I'm not an agent or anything, so may be I am a little naive and poorly informed with what I am about to say. If that is the case, then please forgive my bravado. But, shouldn't Jozy Altidore be, you know, scoring goals at our little Premier League level before he is poached by the game's elite?

I'm a fan of Altidore's and would definitely persist with him, but I can't see his record in the Premier League capturing the imagination of the top clubs in the world.

Odd comments from Klinsmann on the whole really. Probably more propaganda than anything else, but that is US sport for you I guess.