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Hull Defeat Was Typical Sunderland, Says Bruce

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Steve Bruce says Sunderland's shock defeat to Hull was typical of the home side.

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Chris Brunskill

Sunderland went into the weekend's game against Hull City on a high, we had only lost two of the last 14 games, were slowly making our way up the league, had just won 3-0 in an away derby and had reached the final of the Capital One Cup. So I'm sure we all thought 'typical Sunderland' when Wes Brown got himself sent off after 5 minutes and then after the full time whistle blew with the home side on the wrong end of a 2-0 defeat to Steve Bruce's Hull.


We do have a habit of kicking ourselves in the foot just when things are starting to look up, something that ex-Sunderland manager Steve says is in the history of the club;

Sunderland were flying.

To be fair, what they've done in the last few weeks is remarkable, because everyone thought they were gone.

But in my experience here, there's always something around the corner.

OK, they win the derby 3-0, got to a cup final, but what's going to happen next? Is that typical Sunderland? Is that the history of Sunderland? Can I say that?

Although that is something we are often guilty of, he's the last person we actually want to hear it from. Particularly after his recent comments about wanting his time at Sunderland to be completely behind him now coming immediately after another round of antagonising comments.

Bruce then went on to defend his record at Sunderland, once again;

There will be more managers sacked here, I won't be the last.

People can have a look at what we did and in a few years' time, they might think we didn't do too badly.

Spending as much as he did, while only once getting into the top 10 of the Premier League (even then we could have finished much lower bar a freak set of last day results going our way) will always ensure his time at Sunderland is seen as a failure, regardless of what he believes, and the club are still feeling the cost of some of his transfer failures.