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Altidore: Sunderland Had More Quality Than Newcastle

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Jozy Altidore hailed Sunderland's superior quality as they beat Newcastle 3-0 away from home today in the Tyne-Wear Derby.

Chris Brunskill

Jozy Altidore praised Sunderland's superior quality following the 3-0 demolition of Newcastle in the Tyne-Wear Derby.

Speaking to the official website, Altidore said;

Obviously in the derby you want to put your good foot forward and I think we did that from the first minute. Our quality showed as well, scoring three goals.

I've definitely let the boys down in front of goal and I've been freezing up a bit, but I've been trying to do other things to try and make an effect.

The boys have done really well picking up the slack. If we keep going like this then we'll have a good end to the season.

The start of the game was good and in the most important parts of the game we didn't lose our cool, we kept our composure.

Gus Poyet also though had nice things to say about Altidore too;

Jozy Altidore had an excellent game for us and it was just a shame he couldn't get a goal.

It was indeed a shame that Altidore couldn't get on the scoresheet as he was very much deserving of a goal. I've been a critic of him in the past, and whilst one swallow doesn't make a summer, he's taking steps in the right direction with his performances against Stoke and now Newcastle.

Here's hoping the big American kicks on for us.