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Colback: Derby Win Was For Fans

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Jack Colback claims Sunderland simply wanted it more than Newcastle as they emerged with a 3-0 victory yet again from the Wongadome.

Richard Sellers

Jack Colback claimed post-match that Sunderland simply wanted it more than Newcastle as they claimed yet another 3-0 victory from their visit up the road.

We know how important it is for the fans. We've not had great results in the past, but now we've won the last three and I think we've wanted it a bit more in all three games.

Full credit to all the lads. I thought everyone was outstanding and we deserved the win.

It's brilliant to make that bit of history.

But for us, it was important to just the win the game and move up a few places.

That's what we need to concentrate on and make this season an unexpectedly good one.

Newcastle came out strongly because they're at home, but once we got the two goals, it deflated them a bit.

We defended everything they threw at us and once we got the third goal, we were very happy.

Colback had a superb game. Possibly his finest game of the season in midfield and was fully deserving of the goal he got which iced a very delicious cake.

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