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Poyet Thrilled With Bridcutt Reunion

Deadline day wasn't all that productive for Sunderland, but Gus is delighted with the deal he managed to get done.

Richard Sellers


Gus Poyet could barely hide his delight at finally being reunited with midfielder Liam Bridcutt.

The Scotland international was the only deadline day arrival at Sunderland, but is expected to go straight into the side for the Tyne and Wear derby with Lee Cattermole struggling to overcom e injury.

Poyet is just pleased to be working with a player he 'grew up' with again, though. He told the official site:

The idea with Liam is many, many things. One, how important it is to have a British player.

It's important that we got him at that age and at the price we got him for, and he knows the way we want to play and understands the game.

When you put it all together, it's a great acquisition.

We grew up at the same time at Brighton - growing together as a team, a group of players and a group of staff, understanding of the game and making him better and better.

He was part of that process, which will make it easier for him to play with us.

It would probably be fair to say that Bridcutt arrives with a far greater understanding of Poyet's system and demands than any of the players already at the club. That is sure to extend to appreciating the fact that Bridcutt's role in that system is, unequivocally, the single most important on the pitch if it is going to work.

Cattermole has done the job okay, although he has mostly looked like he was just coping with it rather than actually excelling at it. The hope is that Bridcutt can add a massive new dimension to the side.

It's an exciting, if slightly understated, signing, and you can understand why Poyet is so pleased with it.