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VIDEO: Craig Russell Brace Downs Derby

The 1995/96 season was a belter. Here is a little slither of it.

Ben Radford/Getty Images

Apparently, today marks nineteenth anniversary of one of my favourite ever Sunderland games - beating Millwall 6-0 at Roker Park to make everyone believe promotion was a serious possibility.

Craig Russell scored four that day, but sadly I can't find a video of that particular game, the then-dubbed 'Lion Tamers'. That didn't stop me wanting to walk along in a Craig Russell wonderland, though.

So here are the goals from another huge game in the season. Derby were Sunderland's main title rivals and were promoted with us at the end of the season. They arrived at Roker Park in fine form, but were absolutely battered with Russell bagging himself a couple. He even got one with his right foot!

That was a really nice Sunderland team to watch and it was great having a proper Sunderland fan spearheading it as top scorer. Definitely one of my favourite Sunderland sides.


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