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DAILY VIDEO: Mignolet Being Class For Sunderland

The big Belgian isn't rubbish, so don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Sunderland will be reunited with Simon Mignolet at Anfield tomorrow and, to be perfectly honest, the Liverpool stopper is really struggling right now.

In fact, he's almost become a bit of a figure of fun on social media, which is one of the drawbacks to the increased spotlight of a huge club, I guess.

However, his current Liverpool difficulties shouldn't detract from what he achieved at Sunderland, so it's nice to remind everyone - Liverpool fans included - just how good he can be and indeed was for us for a couple of years.

You could argue that there was more to do and less pressure in Sunderland's goal compared to Liverpool's, but he was still bloody brilliant and the vast majority were gutted to see him go.

Hopefully he won't regain this sort of form for another couple of days, though!

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