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Sunderland Midfielder On Hull January Wish List?

Lee Cattermole for a reunion with Steve Bruce? Surely not.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

According to a report in The Telegraph, Hull City boss Steve Bruce is hoping to take Sunderland midfielder Lee Cattermole to the KC Stadium next month.

It was Bruce who brought Cattermole to Sunderland, after also taking him to Wigan Athletic, and Luke Edwards - who occasionally writes about football when he's not promoting his latest club banning on TalkSPORT radio, reckons he wants him for a third time.

You can see where the story has come from, and you wouldn't be surprised if it was true. Bruce obviously likes the player, he's entering into the final 18 months of his contract, and when Bruce was at Sunderland Luke Edwards was one of the journalists so far up his backside it's a wonder he ever found his way out without a Sat Nav.

Of course, last year after seeing him sent off against Hull Bruce did tell the media he was 'thankful' he no longer had to manage the former 'Boro midfielder. You could also say that, given Cattermole's vast improvement, pretty much from the second Bruce went away, he will also be quite happy Bruce is no longer a major influence on his career.

Then you also have to ask yourself why Gus Poyet would want to sell him, when he refused to sell him last year and his importance has increased significantly in the twelve months since.

No, I think this one needs to be resigned to 'must do better' pile of transfer rumours. I could be wrong, but it just looks daft from just about every relevant angle.

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