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Report: Sunderland 'Sound Out' Midfielder

Sunderland are allegedly on the trail of a new defensive midfielder who has already been a resounding flop in the Premier League. Surely just rubbish?

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Sunderland, along with West Ham United, have been linked with a £1million move for former Aston Villa midfielder Jean Makoun.

The Cameroonian, now with Rennes, is said to be available this January and according to The Mirror Gus Poyet has 'sounded out his representatives'.

Personally, I find the whole thing pretty tough to believe. I could be wrong, and I have been on countless occasions before, but there seems to be quite a few oddities about it.

1) If he wasn't up to the Premier League at his peak, why would he suddenly be now when he's past it, and why would Sunderland assume he was? Okay, so we fell into the trap with Andrea Dossena, and that was the transfer version of "DON'T SIGN THIS PLAYER" being written in giant neon letters with a massive arrow pointing at him, but surely we've learned now?

2) Another defensive midfielder is probably the last thing Sunderland need. Lee Cattermole is essentially the Stockton Schweinsteiger these days and Liam Bridcutt a decent understudy in whom the manager has tremendous faith.

3) Poyet has gone public saying he is looking for an small injections of difference-making quality in January. Where exactly does a 31-year-old cut-price past-flop fall into that?

Call me cynical if you like, but I reckon this has 'agent speak' written all over it.

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