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DAILY VIDEO: Great View Of Richardson Bursting Newcastle's Net

Bit of a treat for our daily video today. Kieran Richardson's derby day thunderbolt, recorded from THE perfect angle.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Watching Aston Villa v Southampton last night, I couldn't help but notice a pretty relaxed-looking Kieran Richardson sat on the Villa bench. How can anyone possibly catch a glimpse of Kieran without your mind drifting to the moment where he walloped the ball into the Newcastle net at about 1000mph?

Well, I certainly couldn't!

It's a goal most have seen again and again, but I remember at the time seeing an absolutely belting view of it taken from a camera phone in the North Stand upper, which was then a home section of the ground.

So, I decided I'd look for that specific video as our daily video. Turned out, it was still floating around the interweb.

This is one of those videos you could genuinely just put on a loop and watch again and again. Perfect hit, perfect time, perfect opposition.


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