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DAILY VIDEO: Goodman Winner Sees Off Leicester (1991)

A little piece of Sunderland magic to start every day.

With Leicester City up next in the Premier League, how about reliving a win over the Foxes from the past?

It was December 14,1991. Marco Gabbiadini had gone, but there was a new striker making his mark at Roker Park who was very much in the Marco mold - Don Goodman.

Goodman didn't disappoint, either, bagging an 89th winner against a Leicester team destined for the play offs. What a lovely goal it was too.

For the stattos amongst us, the Sunderland team that day was:

Sunderland (1991 v Leicester) - Football tactics and formations

What a glorious team it was too! You know, in a highly romanticised kind of a way. Nah, actually it was decent. This is the side that would play at Wembley in the FA Cup Final just six months later, after all. Well, most of it.

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