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Agent: Giaccherini Decided to Stay At Sunderland

It seems Gus Poyet is very much in the 'pro Giacch' camp.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Just as a quick update to the stories linking Emanuele Giaccherini with Napoli, it seems his agent has alluded to there being an option to leave but not one the Italian fancies using right now.

It was Giaccherini's agent, Furio Valcareggi, who started the whole thing off by sating how 'exciting' and 'flattering'  it was to see his player winked with Napoli, only for the player himself to dismiss suggestions that he was considering leaving Wearside.

Now, Valcareggi is back on the same page, telling Radio KissKiss (a real thing, apparently), that Gus Poyet has apparently spoken to Giaccherini and both have decided he has a role to play here.

All hunki-dori then, I guess. Mind, call me a cynic if you want, but Giaccherini's €2million per year wages his agent mentioned before may have a bit to do with this apparent loyalty!

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