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Altidore Appears To Shun MLS Move

What was the story behind the social media exchange between Jozy Altidore and LA Galaxy?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

How much can you read into tweets from footballers? It's difficult know most of the time, but there was an interesting little broadside fired by Jozy Altidore earlier.

In a quickly deleted tweet, he told MLS powerhouses LA Galaxy to stop calling his agent, insisting that 'no means no'.


Whether it was a genuine exchange, that dreaded 'banter' stuff, or a misdirected direct message, we don't know, but it's interesting nonetheless.

It's certainly conceivable that Altidore would have many MLS suitors right now and, given other reports he is keen to stay in Europe when he inevitably leaves Sunderland (with Lille of Ligue 1 looking the most likely destination), his response seems believable too.

Certainly something to keep our eye on, I'd say.

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