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The Numbers Behind 38 Games Of Gus

What impact, in cold hard numbers, has Gus Poyet had on Sunderland since his appointment?

Nigel Roddis

Given all that has happened since Gus Poyet rolled into the post Paolo Di Canio post-apocalyptic Sunderland world, it is almost surprising to learn that the 3-1 win over Stoke City was the Uruguayans 38th league game at the helm. Or, to put it another way, Poyet has now completed a full Premier League season in charge.

It's been a pretty tumultuous time if we are honest. There was despair and hopelessness, there was double derby delight, there was more despair, there was Wembley, there was abject dejection, miracles and summer sulks.

All that has been done to death, though, so we'd thought we'd forget all that and just look at the numbers instead.

Games Played 38
Won 11
Drawn 12
Lost 15
Goals Scored 44
Goals Conceded 51
Goal Difference -7
Clean Sheets 13
Failed To score 14
Win %age 29%
Don't Lose %age 61%
Goals Per Game 1.16
Goals Conceded Per Game 1.34

If you were looking at that as an end-of-season record, I think you'd be pretty pleased. You'd be looking at a team sitting nicely in mid-table without a care in the world. It all just goes to show that Poyet is one worth sticking with, really. Hopefully he doesn't go all Martin O'Neill-y on us.

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