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VIDEO: Reported Sunderland Goalkeeper Target Mariano Andujar

Internet scouts rejoice - we've done the work for you.

Sunderland are doing that 'try to buy everyone under the sun' thing again. We love it. The more obscure and more googling that is required the happier we are, to be honest. Signing players we don't have to research is just so 2012.

Anyway, the latest name to join our YouTube search history is that of Mariano Andujar, an Argentinian international goalkeeper currently plying his trade in Serie A with Catania.

Once agin, we can't really profess to being sufficiently informed on the player to pass any kind of credible opinion, and I doubt anyone would care what we thought anyway. That said, we are reasonably confident he is probably better than Michael Ingham, and we don't say that lightly as you can imagine.

Stay tuned to Roker Report throughout January as we keep you up to date with his and all other transfer news and rumours. Also, feel free to keep in touch with our dedicated Transfer Centre, which you can do by CLICKING HERE.

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