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Poyet: Crisp Finisher Nacho Can Make A Difference

The headline? I'm not even sorry. But Gus seems pretty happy with the prospect of Scocco signing.


Gus Poyet is convinced that Ignacio 'Nacho' Scocco can make 'a big difference' should his expected move to Sunderland go through this week.

A fee has been agreed for the Argentinian striker with Internacional and the player is believed to have agreed a two-and-a-half-year deal. Poyet says the deal is very close, and it is one that excites him. He told ITV:

He can bring something totally different to what we've got, and in a position where if it really works he can make a big difference. [Because] we've been a quite decent team in just certain parts of the pitch, and there is something always missing in the last third.

I think Scocco can give us that.

Poyet is doing that thing he likes to do where his lips move and total sense effortlessly springs forth from his mouth.

It really is just that final spark at the top end of the pitch which is strangling Sunderland's season right now. Neither Jozy Altidore or Steven Fletcher are doing enough to make it happen for themselves, and Scocco seems to have that explosive streak that is really missing from the side right now.

Fingers crossed this one gets done, although I'm not sure Poyet would be speaking so openly about him if it wasn't pretty much a certainty.

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