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Poyet Updates Contract Situations

Who's talking, who's not, who's staying? No idea, but there is a small update for those who like that kind of thing.

Victor Fraile


Sunderland are planning further contract talks with Jack Colback and Phil Bardsley, though the seemingly perpetually changing situation at the club doesn't appear to be helping.

The duo are part of a large contingent whose deals expire this summer, though they are the only ones who appear to be earmarked for extensions as things stand.

Speaking in The Journal, Poyet said of Colback:

We started negotiations a few weeks ago now. The situation with the negotiations has changed a little bit, because there's another person in charge now [that Roberto De Fanti has left his position of Director of Football].

Let's hope. It's important not to be too aggressive in terms of the contract because of the position we're in, and of course you need to be realistic. They'll say ‘Let's wait, let's see where we finish'. It works both ways.

Seems to be that Colback is keeping his options open a little and waiting to see how the relegation battle pans out for now. That seems fair enough really. He is at an age where is could be about to sign the key contract of his career. I'm sure he won't be short of offers.

Talks apparently haven't started yet with Bardsley - described by Poyet as 'the story of the season' - but they are apparently planned:

No, we haven't [started negotiations yet]. I think we'll try. He knows that we're going to start talking.

His story is incredible. We say to him every now and again ‘You were in the other side, over there (training with the kids)' and now he's scoring against Manchester United and being desperate to take a penalty, he's celebrating and he's the one who got the most emotional.

It has been hard for him. He had a contract here and he was earning his money but you want to be part of things, you want to be on the pitch.

You certainly wouldn't begrudge him a new deal, would you? Well, I wouldn't, anyway. I wouldn't be pushing the boat out or anything and I'd keep it fairly short-term in length, mainly because Bardsley seems to be the type who needs something to fight for in order to get the best out of himself.

It would be nice if both players are Premier League players with Sunderland next season.

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