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Di Canio Is A Berk, Insist Sunderland

After Paolo Di Canio gobbed off to the Sun, Sunderland have issued a considered retort.

Matthew Lewis


Okay, so the headline isn't a direct quote, but it's the gist. Sunderland have released a statement in response to former manager Paolo Di Canio's recent interviews regarding his time at the club.

The statement, published on the club's official website, expresses 'disappointment' at Di Canio's comments and insist they are considering legal options. It reads (in full):

Sunderland AFC would like to express its' disappointment in relation to the disparaging comments made recently by Paolo Di Canio, regarding the club and its players.

The club is immensely proud of its players for the dignified and restrained manner in which they have conducted themselves publicly since Mr Di Canio's departure and it is particularly disappointing to read such comments when there are legal obligations in place to ensure such behaviour does not occur.

The club is now considering its position with its legal representatives.

Having reached a cup final for the first time in 22 years, whilst also enjoying a run of only one loss in 12 games, we want to focus on what is a positive time for the football club and we would hope it is possible to draw a line under this matter quickly and that there will be no repetition.

Neither the club, head coach Gus Poyet nor the players will be making any further comment on the situation. We are looking forward, not back and are focusing on the vital games we have ahead of us.

I don't think we really need Captain Subtext to decipher this one. They are essentially issuing a firm "f**k you" to Di Canio as way of a gentle warning.

I don't think you really need comment from us either. It is pretty brilliantly self-explanatory. We had our own reaction on Sunday, if anyone is actually interested, though.

Shenanigans, etc. Love it.

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