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VIDEO: Full Penalty Shootout From The Home End

Another video of Wednesday evening's climax, this time with a full view of the utter SCENES going on in the away end.

On Thursday morning, we shared a video of the drama of the Old Trafford penalty shootout as seen from the Sunderland end.

Undoubtedly, that captured the pandemonium of proceedings. From low to high, high to low and vice-versa more times than we can be bothered to count, that video ended in sheer ecstasy, as 9,000 souls went positively ballistic upon the realisation that a Wembley trip was no longer a dream.

Now, however, we can take a step back. Uploaded by the same neutral who brought us that brilliant video of the bedlam that greeted Phil Bardsley's late goal, here's that shootout in full once more - but with extended viewing of the glorious celebrations in the away corner and way up high above the goal.

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