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VIDEO: Sensational Scenes From Sunderland Fans As Bardsley Scores!

Put your headphones on or just turn your volume all the way up and enjoy!

A neutral fan in the Manchester United end managed to capture the moment Phil Bardsley scored the goal that looked to have sent Sunderland to Wembley.

Whether you were one or the 9,000 or if you were watching at home, in work or at the pub, you should all enjoy the scenes as the players and fans of Sunderland go absolutely mental celebrating what looked to be the goal that clinched our place at Wembley.

Of course, there was a LOT more drama to come but the euphoria and noise present in this video is sure to put a smile on all our faces (although I doubt any of us have actually stopped smiling since it happened!).

If you want even more semi final goodness, then you would also do well to check out our match stream from the game. Images, GIFs, player ratings and reports... it's a veritable goldmine, and it can be found HERE.

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