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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 22 - Wemberleeey

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Clive Mason

Wowser! Some night, eh?

I thought it was a nice line from John O'Shea when he said those of us who travelled to Manchester must have floated back home. It's certainly a satisfying feeling, one of which we're just not accustomed to here. Not unless it's connected to winning the title in the second tier, anyway.

So you may be surprised to know that we aren't all rainbows and butterflies throughout this week's pod. In truth, it was a bit of a struggle to get through. Gareth yawned a lot and I stuttered and stammered every line I attempted. We can be forgiven for out hangovers and tiredness, surely?

That's not to say we were miserable or anything. Far from it. We just feel that to stay true to our format it was important to be analytical as ever. Gareth has a funny semi-final anecdote from when we scored our goal, is that any good?

Sobs from A Love Supreme and Gary Foster from the Shields Gazette dropped into the studio to help us discuss that sexy night in Salford, and as it's Stoke next in the league we turned to our trusted Stokie, Mark Holmes, from TEAMtalk to update us on how things are from their end.

There's also the small matter of Kidderminster too, though we kind of brush over it if we're being honest. I'm sure they'd understand. Cups are generally a bit rubbish anyway, who'd even be bothered about a cup run in a Mickey Mouse cup that nobody cares about, when the players are all on loan and not even your players, especially if you play the worst Man Utd team in living memory, if you can't even fill your ground for the home legs, when you'll get stuffed in the final anyway and even if you did win, just to top it all off, you help Newcastle get in Europe.

Anybody else been getting that? Yeah. Whatevs.

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