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Poyet Has No Interest In Striker

Bad news for Danny Graham fans, as Poyet issues and update on the striker's immediate future.

Chris Brunskill

With all these cup heroics, scramble for Wembley tickets, and rumours of transfer incomings, I bet you thought that we had forgotten about Danny Graham, didn't you.

It's okay, you don't have to deny it. Let us assure you that we are as eager for Graham updates as the rest of you. We just thought we'd leave it a bit so you could savour the last 24 hours a little.

Anyway, a host of Championship clubs have been linked with the striker, who is currently doing his not scoring thing on loan at Hull City. In light of the Tigers signing Shane Long and Nikica Jalavic, there has been talk of a possible recall and subsequent loan to another club.

Apparently, those talks are happening, but Poyet couldn't appear to care less about it:

The situation is that it is a three-way thing between Hull, whichever other club might want Danny, and then we have to give our permission.

We are just standing back and letting things happen because it’s not as though we are looking to bring him back or anything. But, if someone calls us about it, then we shall get involved.

So there we have it. It almost sounds like it would be Hull loaning him out with Sunderland's permission. A two tier loan. A subletted footballer. That's the way we are choosing to interpret it, not because we have anything especially against Graham but because it's funny.

Either way, Poyet seems to have about as much interest in recalling Graham - or dealing with him at all - as Manchester United fans have today in London Hotels for the league cup final weekend.

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