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O'Shea Reveals Plan For Cup Glory - Give It To Johnson!

It's not all that much of a cunning 'plan A', but O'Shea has one.

Clive Rose

John O'Shea believes Sunderland have a trump card in their quest for the League Cup final in Adam Johnson.

The in-form Johnson won the penalty at the Stadium of Light that will separate the sides at kick-off for the second leg and has since blazed his way through Fulham and Southampton in the Premier League. The is no reason why that form can't continue at Old Trafford, insists his captain.

He told The Mirror:

All our attacking players have to step up to the plate during the season and Adam's in a hot vein of form at the minute.

We'll be getting the ball to him as much as we can, but it's up to other players to use that knowledge, and Adam himself.

If he's going to have two or three players around him, he's got to realise other lads will be free and so pass it to them. We can use that to our advantage too.

O'Shea is coming dangerously close to suggesting some kind of tactical planning is going into the game there. That's a novelty which Gus Poyet has brought in that I suspect I'll never get bored of.

In all seriousness, it's obvious that in this form Johnson should be full or confidence, and his team mates full of confidence in him. In the last four games he has looked every inch the player we thought we were getting.

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