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Johnson: No Magic Behind Fine Form

Adam Johnson is thrilled with his current form, but insists form is all it is.

Chris Brunskill

Adam Johnson is delighted with his recent form, but insists that there has been no magic formula behind it - it basically is just form.

The winger continued his hot streak by scoring one and making one in the 2-2 draw with Southampton. There is no mystery to it, though. He told The Sunderland Echo:

I'm on a nice run of form and I'm delighted with how it's going.

I just want to keep getting my head down, working hard and keep helping us to get points. People go through bad spells in their career and good spells.

I haven't changed anything at all. Nothing that I've been doing in training or anything.

You've just got to keep working hard.

You don't turn into a bad player over six months or a year. I've come back into form and I'm delighted with that.

It's slightly too much of a simplistic explanation for me, I think. The change has been too drastic and seemingly out of the blue to be a random occurrence.  Whether it's tactical or a result of some kind of fresh motivation or a bit of both, it surely has to be something.

He is basically playing the 'form is temporary, class is permanent, and I've always been class' card, isn't he? Fair enough. When he is in this kind of form he can say what he likes as far as I'm concerned. Hope he's crowing for the rest of the season.

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