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Ki: I Feel A Bond With Sunderland

Ki Sung-Yueng... is there anything he can't do?

Clive Rose

On-loan midfielder Ki Sung-Yueng has spoken of the 'bond' he has grown to feel with Sunderland.

The South Korean has been the stand-out star of the season so far on Wearside, prompting pleas from fans desperate to see him sign a permanent deal. Although he hasn't come out and said it in those exact words - something any intelligent on-loan player is never going to do - the feeling does appear to be mutual.

He told The Journal:

I feel a bond with this club. People say I may not really care because I am only on loan but I completely disagree.

The first thing I want is to stay in the league with Sunderland. That is the main thing in my mind - not my future, not the World Cup.

If we go down, my feelings will not be great. If I can help at all, then that is what I want to do.

Pretty much music to our ears, then. Although anyone who has seen his performances lately and reactions on the pitch probably didn't need the actual words.

It hasn't been too difficult to see the reason for Ki's obvious current love-affair with Sunderland either - Gus Poyet. He told the Mirror:

When Gus came, the way he tried to play helped the boys to improve straight away. I like the way we play. It is not just long balls, but much more about keeping the ball.

I can play to my strengths: Keeping the ball, passing the ball and helping the strikers. I have even shown that I can score myself! A lot of that is down to Gus. He looks after the team very well. He loves playing football which means tactically he is very organised and smart.

Personally, he is very kind and honest. I like him and enjoy working with him a lot. If there is a problem, he will talk to you as a person. He does not cheat or lie. I like that.

There isn't a great deal more to say that hasn't already been said about Ki, is there.


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