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De Fanti Update: 'Conflicting Points Of View' Behind Split?

We still don't really know what's going on, but here is a snippet from someone who might.

Mark Runnacles

As we all know by now, Roberto De Fanti has left his position as Sunderland's Director of Football. The club released a very brief statement confirming his departure, but didn't say much else.

The reason behind the split is much less clear. Naturally, most are assuming it is a result of his summer transfer activity which, according to the majority, was dismal. However, according to Gianluca Di Marzio - an Italian journalist who is evidently extremely close to De Fanti the reason may have been a dispute over direction.

According to Di Marzio:

Roberto De Fanti is saying goodbye to Sunderland. Today the English club issued a communication that caught many by surprise. The club and sporting director had conflicting points of view during a discussion last night which caused De Fanti to leave.

What that means exactly, is anyone's guess. We don't even know who it was with. Perhaps the 'conflicting point of view' was that he thought his summer business was alright, and no one else did.

The one thing that seems apparent, though, is that there was a power-struggle somewhere and with someone, and De Fanti lost. Given Di Marzio's apparent own surprise, it seems safe to assume the axe fell swiftly too.

A bit speculative, but go nuts.

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