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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 21 - Canny Good

Yowza! It's time for the ruddy podcast again. It only seems like last week since the last one, because it was...

Clive Rose

This is all a bit of a turn up for the books, isn't it? Three wins in a week isn't normal. Players scoring hat-tricks and cup semi-finals and that. Mental! But no need to pinch yourself, it is happening and it's all dissected on this latest edition of Wise Men Say!

In what proves to be a massive week, you can't blame Sunderland supporters for being a tad optimistic going into it. We're on a bit of high right now. One defeat in nine. Five undefeated away from home. It's sort of crept up on us. I've been in a weird daze on a Saturday night that isn't depression. It's been odd, but nice at the same time.

We're still 19th in the Premier League. It isn't ideal, let's be honest. But we've got a chance to shimmy up to 15th on Saturday lunch time and put a bit of pressure on teams that could fall beneath us. It would be a nice situation to be in, particularly considering the enormity of this coming Wednesday night.

It's the one we've all been waiting for, for what seems like an eternity. 9,000 supporters will descend on Manchester full of hope. Wouldn't it be nice if our beloved team didn't kick us square and firmly in the jaffas? Just this once? Please! We've got a decent chance. I'm trying not to get too excited. As you will hear, I fail miserably.

Joining us in the Wise Men Say studios were youth and experience in equal measure. BBC Radio Newcastle's Sunderland commentator Nick Barnes was in top form as per usual. We feel we gave him his moment in the spotlight without Gary Bennett shouting over the top of him. Sorry Benno, we love you really!

Making his debut, as part of the newly formed SportsByte panel, was Sam Lightle. He's an aspiring writer and may be familiar to any A Love Supreme readers.

We get Southampton thoughts from Ben Stansfield. Roker Report and WMS have practically fracked this lad within an inch of his life for Saints info in the last year or so. Yet again, he doesn't disappoint.

So run a bath, get the washing up ready, get greased up and prepare to put Wise Men Say in your ears. You can subscribe on iTunes or listen/download via Soundcloud. You can also follow us on the Twitters using @WiseMenSayPod if you're down with that sort of thing. Goodbye and good luck!

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