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Fulham 1-4 Sunderland In Pictures

Relive Sunderland's massive Premier League win over Fulham.

As a Sunderland fan, we tend to learn to kind of ignore pictures. After all, pictures tell a story and stories, for us, are generally rubbish.

On occasion though, we get a game when the imagery is instantly worth reliving. The 4-1 win over Fulham was a game that could change the season and was arguably the highlight of it so far, so we thought we'd dive into the Roker Report database and pull out a few pictures to remember it by.

Whether it was Adam Johnson running riot and then grabbing his match ball as if it contained Monty Burns' Trillion dollar bill, Vito Mannone going mental, Ki Sung-Yueng appearing to gesture to the fans that he wanted to stay at Sunderland, or anything else, we probably have the bases covered.

We'll have more reaction in the coming days, so loiter round our Match Stream like a bad smell HERE awaiting that coverage.

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