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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 4 - Whee's This Ki Then?

The latest instalment of Wise Men Say is ready for those tortured souls wishing to be reminded of our problems.

Chris McGrath

Well, the season isn't exactly going to plan so far. Three games in and one point. One. Point. We shouldn't worry, it's not like we have a gid solid run of home games coming up or owt. To be fair (or tbf as the cool kids say) we've been pretty rubbish for a while now and scratching below the surface that was a summer of apparent upheaval, we're still playing the same damn central midfielders as last season for crying out loud. Strange saying that one, who's crying out loud exactly? Big babies.

Martyn McFadden needs no introduction to Sunderland fans and makes his debut on the podcast this week. He's joined by Kristan Heneage who knows scary amounts about everything and articulates himself so well it makes you feel like a character from Auf Wiedersehen Pet (I had to Google that spelling) in comparison. Martyn is frank on his concerns about a lack of funds going in the direction of our defence, though if they did head towards our defence they'd probably skin them and win a penalty. Gareth Barker, the podcast mainstay, depresses us all with a theory that we may not even have the cash from the Sessegnon sale to buy another flop come January. Tell him he's wrong.

Despite there being no game on the horizon, there's more than enough to dissect and go over, transfers, tactics, manager naively and left backs. We have a left back now. Kind of. Neil Atkinson from surely the finest club podcast, The Anfield Wrap, joins us on the phone to tell us about his love for "The Doss" and what he thinks we will see from Fabio Borini. Plus we talk a little Henderson and Mignolet, it would have been rather rude not to. I'll tell you what else is rude, not listening. Get amongst it.

Listen via iTunes HERE or the player below;