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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 7 - Nothing Much To Talk About Then!

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As Paolo rides off into the distance, we discuss what he's left behind and how it got to this.

Clive Rose

I think if we're all being brutally honest with ourselves, it isn't a shock that Paolo hasn't lasted the season. The speed of his decline has been surprising to me, but Gary Foster from the Shields Gazette rather proudly reminds us all that he predicted it would all end in tears on this week's podcast. There weren't quite tears mind you, unless the players' so called mutiny ended up violent. Hmmmm.

Craig Clark from our very own Roker Report makes his hundredth appearance in five weeks and was also a bit of an early turner against the Di Canio regime. We discuss his failing in detail, clearly pointing out that just because some of the nationals wanted it to go this way, and assumed it would, it doesn't mean they actually knew anything. Did they balls. Primarily, it's been performances pitch side that have emphasised our ex-gaffer's shortcomings. Be an arsehole in charge of a winning team and you have a chance, be an egotistical arsehole at an under-performing side and you had better make them pretty decent otherwise you have no chance.

We actually have a win to speak of as well. No, really.

Listen in, download and enjoy.

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