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Ball Wants To Be Considered For Sunderland Boss

Kevin Ball tossed his name into the hat for the full time vacancy at Sunderland following the club's 2-0 victory over Peterborough United in the Capital One Cup last night.

Speaking with reporters after the convincing victory, Ball said;

Anybody who is anybody would like to be considered for it. In the sense of what I have done as a coach or a player and not only that, my qualifications I have gone out and got as a coach, I would like to be considered.

The players looked very comfortable and assured last night in their victory, and it was noted that some of the celebrations were shared with Ball upon Valentin Roberge's second goal.

Ball previously had a caretaker role when Mick McCarthy left the club, guiding us to one victory in ten games. However he has come on leaps and bounds as a coach since then, experiencing huge success within our youth set-up.

He did add however that regardless of whether it was him or someone else, he just wants what's right for the club;

But ultimately, that's the club's decision and I would go with that, whether it was me or someone else, they would have my full support.

Ball's odds are shortening on becoming the new manager, and while he wouldn't be this individual writers first choice, the club could do a hell of a lot worse than someone like Ball, who understands the club, it's fans, the area, and has some tactical ability to boot.

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