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Stephen Goldsmith: My Top 3 Manager Choices

Everyone's had a stab at this, so here's my effort.

Alex Livesey

1. Rene Meulensteen

Ok, so I'm piggy backing on the other writers' opinions with this one a little. I can't help but feel we need the head coach type to fit in to our system, in fact, that's just common sense given that he will have a Director Of Football above him overseeing transfers and the like; that was the point in the re-structure after all.

I don't know vast amounts about our Rene, but I've read a lot of positive things about him from journalists I respect and, of course, Sir Alex. Somebody quiet and unassuming, but switched on and with a plan is just what we need to steady the ship.

2. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Ok, so my top two now appear to be the same as Karl's and as he wouldn't let me copy word for word I'll just have to think of my own reasons.

Seriously though, Ole has been tipped to make the step to the Premier League for a while and ticks a lot of the boxes for me. Again, he's quiet and unassuming and he has the Sir Alex as an admirer in the coaching department.

He played in the Premier League for years so kind of covers the British angle that the club may want to come from, and he is to be appreciated for getting out of his comfort zone with the reserve squad at Old Trafford and being successful on his own.

3. Kevin Ball

I'll tell you what, Kevin won't muck up where Di Canio did. He won't take crap from those bunch of pampered half-wits. As is evidently clear with people's admiration for Mick McCarthy, it's not all about tactics and all that rubbish.

We want our midfielders to put their foot in and win the ball on a regular basis so we can all shout "Gerrin" while fisting the air. I'm also not too fussed on the forwards' movement off the ball, just close the defenders down and get a shot away whenever you can. Also, there'll be no softness on corners from our feeble defenders. Watch as our defenders rise up and clear the ball with admiral distance, wiping out any centre forward who gets near them.

I can feel the mood now, I can visualise those crunching tackles, GET. IN. Ooohh Bally Bally. Ooohh Bally Bally, Come one!!!!

On a serious note, I'd actually like to see Bally work on a higher level than he is, learn from the new guy and have some sort of input to the player's awareness of what the club is all about.

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