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'Something Special' Required To Lure Lennon

Celtic Chief Executive, Peter Larwell, has claimed that Neil Lennon won't be leaving the Scottish giants for Sunderland, although accepts that the manager will always be a target of bigger clubs.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Larwell said;It would take something special to lure him away.

This is a special club. It's a special job. If I was advising him as a friend, it'd have to be something different.

If he continues to do as he is, then there will be approaches. It's inevitable.

But he's focused on what we're trying to do and he buys into it. He's given me no indication that he wants to do anything else. He's a Celtic guy and that is a big plus.

Lennon, like Gianfranco Zola who ruled himself out earlier today, was considered an outsider for the vacancy according to the odds makers.

He has had a successful time at Celtic, although you have to question how that would translate to the considerably tougher Premier League, with many thinking (including myself) it wouldn't work.

Lennon himself remained non-committal on the subject, refusing to speak out about it in too much depth, although he does intimate he doesn't really want to leave Celtic;

I don't like answering questions on this kind of thing.

Maybe you should ask the people linking me with the jobs. I'm not aware of who they are. I'm very happy doing what I'm doing at the minute.

Although not as strong as Zola's denials, Lennon looks as though one to cross off the list. If indeed he was on on anyone's.

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