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Ball In Charge For Two Games

Sky Sports News are reporting today that Kevin Ball will be in charge for the visits of Peterborough United tomorrow and Liverpool on Sunday.

The move means quite a few things.

Firstly it looks as though the club have had absolutely no contingency plan installed for if Di Canio walked or was fired. Again, it may be that having Ball in charge WAS the plan, but it seems incredibly unlikely. It's more just what anyone would have expected.

Secondly, that the move to sack Di Canio was made rather abruptly and without much concern for the future. When he arrived at the club it was in very swift fashion. We clearly had an idea of who we wanted -- be it rightly or wrongly Di Canio -- and  this time around there will be much more deliberation, none of which appears to have gone on beforehand.

Thirdly, it's a shop window for Kevin Ball. Having been in charge before during a disastrous season, he has excelled at youth level and as an outsider for the job on a permanent basis, this is a great showcase for him to step out of the shadows at youth level. Whether he wants to do that or not though is a different matter.

Fourthly, we're going to be kept waiting and guessing for some time yet as to who the new man in charge will be. With uncertainty hanging over the club, hopefully not too much doubt has spread to the dressing room. Speaking of which...

Fifthly, the players have got what they wanted. Disgruntled with Di Canio's actions and mannerisms, they now have him gone. This is what they wanted and rallied for. Now it's up to them to get their heads together and prove themselves to be right...