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Reports: Nothing Immediate In Appointing Di Canio Successor

Reports today indicate that there will be no immediate appointment as the hunt for Paolo Di Canio's successor.

Di Canio himself was installed incredibly quickly after Martin O'Neill's departure, however with the board looking to make the right appointment for the long-term this time around, a little more time will be taken over the decision than simply seeing who Roberto De Fanti is mates with.

Kevin Ball takes charge for the foreseeable future, which must be part of the so-called contingency Margret Byrne discussed earlier in the year. Although it doesn't look on paper the most stable of plans.

Either way, it looks as though there may be quite a wait until we appoint a new man, with Kevin Ball seemingly now likely to be in charge for the visit or Liverpool too.

The usual names are all in the frame to eventually take over from Ball, with heavy speculation being that Roberto Di Matteo is the favourite. It does however at this stage, remain speculation.