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Paolo Di Canio Sacked By Sunderland

Paolo Di Canio's reign as Sunderland Head Coach has ended.

Matthew Lewis

After just 12 games in charge of the club, Paolo Di Canio has been relieved of his duties by the club, in a statement issued tonight.

The usual bland platitudes of wishing him well and all that guff was included, with the added information that a new name isn't forthcoming as Kevin Ball will take charge against Peterborough United on Tuesday night.

To look back on Di Canio's reign wouldn't take especially long, however the debate over whether or not this is the right move will certainly take a lot longer, as will determining with whom the blame lies for this debacle.

That will be discussed no doubt by everyone, everywhere for days on end until a new manager is installed. Hopefully that one, with whatever vision they have for the club, is given more than a dozen games to install such change.

The hunt is now on, with Roberto Di Matteo being the front-runner at every betting outlet.

We'll have more. Much, much more, as and when we can process our thoughts.

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