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West Bromwich Albion Vs Sunderland: Player Ratings

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After each game we recap and review the Sunderland players' individual performances. So here goes this weeks look at how things panned out...

Tony Marshall

Keiren Westwood - 2

No real saves of note and sending out inviting parries into the middle of the goal all afternoon. Surely on the brink of blowing his big chance now?

Ondrej Celustka - 6

Once again came away with some credit in a poor defensive performance.

Jack Colback - 3

He may argue he'd like a little more protection, but goals are leaking from his side of the pitch far more often than they should be.

John O'Shea - 4

Doesn't really look like doing an awful lot of 'leading'. Heads dropped and the defence, his domain, was all over the place at times.

Mobido Diakite - 4

Bit of an enigma. One minute he is swatting away an attacker with ease and the next being shoved aside like he isn't even there.

Adam Johnson - 4

Poor. He had the big chance at 1-0 that could have shifted the momentum of the game. Inside the box, in space, on his left foot, and he failed to make it count. Overall contribution poor.

Emannuele Giaccherini - 4

Not really involved except for his set pieces, and they were not worth mentioning.

Ki Sung-Yueng - 7

A rare bright spot on the day. It was all going well whilst the team were playing through him and the Korean provided the kind of composure on the ball a Sunderland midfield hasn't seen for years. Possibly since Eric Roy? Players need to trust him to create and he will.

Craig Gardner - 6

Energetic and committed, and a vast improvement on David Vaughan. Is it enough? Probably not but he certainly wasn't part of the problem.

Steven Fletcher - 6

Full of running until injury ended his afternoon. Perhaps snatched a little at the chance that resulted in his injury but he will definitely be a miss.

Fabio Borini - 5

Didn't offer a great deal on his first start but made some lovely runs at times. Not one to write off and with Fletcher's injury he now becomes much more important to the cause.

Charis Mavrias - 7

Has that lovely ability to draw players to him, creating space for others without really needing to do much. Very promising.

Jozy Altidore - 6

Familiar story for the American who, by the way, should never have been left out in the first place. One big chance and it just didn't fall for him. I have more confidence in him than most of the rest, though.

Lee Cattermole - 6

LEE LEE LEE!! Great to see Catts back and he got involved, playing a big role in carving out the chance that resulted in Fletcher's injury.

Man Of The Match: Ki Sung-Yueng

If his team-mates cotton on to just how good he is on the ball, Ki can be the star of this team this season. He keeps it well and dictates possession around him. Whilst Sunderland went through him, they affected the game. When they reverted to type and began to bypass him, they fell apart. The one bright spot on a wretched afternoon.

We'll have more reaction on Monday, so be sure to check back regularly to our Match Stream, HERE.