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Confirmed: Dossena Signs For Sunderland

Sunderland have completed the signing of Andrea Dossena from Napoli.

Giuseppe Bellini

Sunderland have completed a permanent one-year deal for Italian left-back Andrea Dossena from Napoli, after he passed a medical earlier today.

Dossena becomes the fourth Italian in the squad as Paolo Di Canio looks to put his own stamp on the Sunderland side he inherited from Martin O'Neill at the back end of last season.

Now then, is Dossena good enough for us? Without wanting to sound to arrogant about the situation the overwhelming feeling is that he isn't after a disappointing spell with Liverpool before signing up with Napoli.

He's certainly attacking, however he's also rather suspect defensively which his a major worry. At the age of 32 there's also little chance that can be coached out of him.

Dossena certainly appears to be little more than a stop-gap signing for us, but at least he actually is a left-back. It's no secret that the club have been trying all summer to get someone in and with them hitting a dead end at every turn, desperation has obviously kicked in.

The position may well still be Jack Colback's to lose, with Dossena merely competition and cover for the local lad, who knows at this stage? All that we do know is there's going to be a hell of a lot of squinting and hoping whenever an attack comes down the left hand side with Dossena in the side.

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