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Confirmed: Sessegnon Signs With Baggies

Stephane Sessegnon has completed a move to West Bromwich Albion for a fee thought to be around £6m.

Robert Cianflone

West Bromwich Albion have completed the signing of Stephane Sessegnon, with the fee reportedly set at around £6m for the Beninese striker.

After another summer of wondering whether or not he would leave, I doubt a single person would have guessed that West Brom would be where he was plying his trade by the end of the window.

However, that's where he's ended up after not having a great deal of options, which begs a number of questions -- Have we sold him too cheaply? Why have we even strengthened a rival? While on the other hand questions can be asked about him -- If he is as good as we think, why was nobody else interested at a seemingly knock-down rate?

Either way, he isn't here any more. There's no doubting at all he provided us with some magical moments throughout his Sunderland career. The only problem being that all to many of these were merely 'moments' and not full games or a run of form, and it's that inconsistency which ultimately lead to his demise.

A great player when he could be bothered, absolutely superb, but everyone knows you're not always going to get that out of him.

Regardless of what you think we should at least thank him for what he did do while he was here, and ask the questions another time.

Farewell, the Dumbledore of Dahomey.

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