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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 5 - How Do You Pronounce Giroud?

Episode 5 of the Wise Men Say Podcast is up and running for you fine people...

Michael Regan

You know when the input and output signals don't configure with one and other, meaning the program won't record in the studio? Ok, you probably don't, but there was a moment pre-recording this week's podcast that I thought we were going to have to cancel it.

Gareth Barker is the techno guy and managed to pull something out the bag which meant we could progress with our poddy goodness. How glad you all are, I can sense it.

The gremlins are to blame for us shockingly under-using Amy Lawrence as our phone guest, with the football writer for The Guardian and Observer speaking all things Arsenal this week. Roker Report's very own gobsh**e Michael Graham provided us with his insight into Di Canio and the current situation we find ourselves in. And boy, were we all gloomy!

Amy e-mailed me after the show to tell me to cheer up and has since called us pessimistic on Twitter. She should have heard Martyn McFadden last week. I hope someone has checked he's ok.

Listen, download and enjoy people!

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