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Official: Ki Signs

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Ki Seung-Yong has completed his move to Sunderland on a season long loan.

Richard Heathcote

The signing of Ki Seung-Yong has been completed by Sunderland prior to kick off against Crystal Palace yesterday. Why are we only reporting this now? Well frankly we were all a bit busy with life and other activities.

So yes, he's signed as we think he'll be a good signing for us. Certainly an upgrade on the vast majority of our central midfield options on account of that being his natural position and he seems more than able to pick a pass out without dawdling on the ball for five minutes prior.

All the details we reported on Friday remain in tact where there is a recall clause Swansea City could opt to use in January, and there is no provision in place to sign him permanently at the end of the season. It is however worth reminding that he fee could well be low by then as he will only have a year remaining on his contract.

You'd think Ki would go straight into the team against Arsenal in a couple of weeks, although that would really depend on what side of the bed Paolo Di Canio gets up out of.