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Sess-Not-Gone: Forward Reiterates Cats Commitment

At the end of every season, you always can't help but fear it is the last we have seen of Stephane Sessegnon in a Sunderland shirt. He insists we have nothing to worry about on that front, though.

Victor Fraile

Stephane Sessegnon has once again stated his desire to stay at Sunderland following yet another summer of transfer speculation.

The Dumbledore of Dahomey (take THAT Nick Holden - Editors note: Roker Report in-joke) has been no stranger to transfer speculation during his time on Wearside, with further reports earlier this summer claiming that the club were receptive to offers.

However, no such offer has apparently materialised and in an interview with following the preseason run-out against FC Midtjylland, Sessegnon reaffirmed his desire to stick around.

I enjoy playing for Sunderland right now, so it's not my top priority to change. I think this is a good decision for me.

I am not thinking about a transfer.

Speculation is simply something that we have learned to live with regarding Sessegnon. A year ago it was known he had an 'army' of agents claiming to work for him and intent on securing a big move, and Martin O'Neill was adamant that they were unsettling him throughout the summer.

But he once again looks set to assume a pivotal role in the Sunderland team this season, with Paolo Di Canio seemingly wasting no time reaching the same inevitable conclusion the rest of us have - football is just so much more fun with Stephane Sessegnon around.

Fingers crossed there isn't a sting in the tail in the remaining few weeks of the transfer window, but at the moment it is looking like Sess-appeal is once again guaranteed (sorry) at Sunderland this season.

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