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Wise Men Say Podcast: Rocking The Isis... LIVE!

We took the latest podcast to The Isis pub to chat Fulham, Southampton and central midfielders.

Chris McGrath

Can you imagine reading the opening paragraph of a best man's speech only to be told you had to do it again? Well after breaking the nerves to start introducing the live podcast last night, this kinda happened to me. Technological faults is a regular occurance on the podcast so people shouldn't be too surprised at the false start. Apologies for the listener if the opening seems a little vague but I had to go with the benefit of the audience in this instance. Repeating intros word for word seemed a tad silly.

Martin Smith was tremendous on the podcast prior to the Spurs game and was the main pull for our audience, I'm sure. Richard Mason has featured three times meaning he's now a "friend of the show" while Martin's actual friend and long standing Sunderland journalist Graeme Anderson made his WMS debut. There was certainly enough quality opinion from those three for me to hide behind, while a quick scour of the room confirmed there was plenty of well known faces in the audience too. No pressure.

We can hardly allow ESPN's Kristan Heneage to sit without offering some insight into obscure foreign players, so he was handed the mic on more than one occasion. The Roker Report trio of Michael Graham, David Boyle and Craig Clark were in attendance, as was precious podcast guest Gary Foster from the Shields Gazette and future guest James Hunter from The Chronicle. Former Wearside Roar editor Tom Lynn was a participating member of the audience and Martyn McFadden definitely sneaked in at some point.

I won't go into too many details about the way the night panned out, other than to say the first half was acted out like the normal podcast and the second part was dictated by questions the audience had to our panel. You'll have to listen your sleeves for anything more.

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