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Sunderland Vs Fulham: Player Ratings

In which we recap and review the performances of those in red and white this afternoon.

Victor Fraile

Kieren Westwood - 5

In all honesty Westwood had very little to do. The stats will show that he only had to deal with one effort on target, and that Fulham scored from that. Difficult to judge. To be uber and perhaps over critical, could have commanded his area better for Kasami's goal.

Ondrej Celustka - 6

Wondered about how he'd fit in having only arrived this week. Seemed to do alright, although looks every inch a back up type player. Nearly scored a wonderful effort in the first half would have really put him on people's radars. As is though, a middling day.

John O'Shea - 7

Our new captain didn't really put a foot wrong. Mind, he wasn't particularly exciting to watch either. Just went about his business in an ok manner.

Valentin Roberge - 6

Looked very comfortable in possession, but perhaps not the best replacement for Wes Brown when it comes to the crunch. Being beaten in the air by Kasami for the goal was Bardsley-esque. Have to wonder if Diakite would have dealt with it better/not have been out muscled. Generally there's signs he will be a good player though, but needs to improve.

Jack Colback - 6

Along with O'Shea, probably the best of the back five. Certainly looked decent enough and plenty committed, unfortunately couldn't do it in attack. We didn't learn anything, still just a decent fill in who won't let you down.

Adam Johnson - 7

Johnson's score could have been much higher. In the first half he was exceptional, hard-working and a threat throughout. That seemed to wane a little in the second, but still was one of our best performers out there today.

Cabral - 7

For a supposedly defensive midfielder he doesn't half shoot a lot. Perhaps should have found the target with at least one of his efforts but we have to remember that this isn't apparently his game. Did well marshalling along in front of the defence though.

Seb Larsson - 5

It's not his fault he isn't a creative midfielder really. Square peg, round hole. He did his best to try and create something but it never really happened. The sooner he's replaced the better, although that's no slight on his efforts.

Emanuele Giaccherini - 7

Very much the architect of all our best work. Beat defenders with ease at times and put balls into dangerous positions. Unfortunately nobody really on his wavelength. That should come with time though.

Stephane Sessegnon - 4

When rumour was abound this morning that he was leaving the club imminently you had to wonder if his head would be in the right place. It certainly wasn't. He didn't create, shoot or really contribute anything of note. On this sort of performance, which happens all too often, he wouldn't be missed that much.

Jozy Altidore - 8

Man of the match by a country mile for us. More on this if you keep reading.

Ji Dong-Won - 4

Interesting that when chasing the game he was brought on ahead of Wickham. Also interesting he was stuck up front having done good stuff for Augsburg last year in midfield. Missed a sitter towards the end, and perhaps a little rusty as he contributed nothing else.

Connor Wickham - 4

Saw limited action towards the end, and I can't recall him really touching the ball.

Man Of The Match - Jozy Altidore

He could have quite easily taken a huff having had no help at all from his supposed striker partner, but he did really, really well. A beast when on the ball and hard to shake off, he also did very well winning the ball up field with tackles and interceptions. Sure to be more to come, and a bright light on a dull day.

We've still got more to come in our Match Stream (CLICK HERE) in the next few days too, so be sure to check back in soon.

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