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A Love Supreme Issue 222 Out Now, Here's A Sneak Peek...

A new season is upon us, and a new issue of the ever amazing A Love Supreme is on sale, so check out what's in and get your copy.

This summer eveyrbody is talkin bout' a revolution and the award-winning, longest-serving and quite frankly all-out best Sunderland fanzine A Love Supreme are no different as a new issue is out now in time for Fulham tomorrow.

Inside you'll find some top-notch features including a run down of all our new boys from seasoned experts, an interview with Magic Allan Johnston, plus an interview with Mick Harford too. The guys also look ahead to the rest of the month speaking with fans of our respective opponents, some insight on Jozy Altidore's charitable foundation and of course our very own column in there. Penned this month by Chris Weatherspoon who urges a little bit of calm if things don't go immediately according to plan.

Not only that but if you couldn't be bothered with going to Hong Kong or Denmark this summer then they've got some great tour diaries from a fans perspective, including this little insight from a very entertaining 2000-mile round trip by road to Denmark...

After inspecting our passports via radio back to their HQ and realising we weren't drug/porn/immigrant smugglers, they asked why we were in Holland, to which we explained that we were en route to see 'the Sunlurn boys' play FC Midtjylland. The young policeman's face immediately lit up with excitement. "Sunderland? You have recently signed Jozy Altidore from Alkmaar, yes, he is very good player.". It appears that in fact we were onto a winner here. They then inspected the back of the van which was full of ALS fanzines, 0-3 DVDs and scarfs and sleeping bags. He was like a kid in a clog shop. To say we bribed him with ALS merch would be inaccurate, but he certainly left the vicinity more red and white than when he entered it.

And you can read the rest of what proves to be a very entertaining tale in the actual magazine it'self. Get a copy from any local newsagents worth it's salt for just £2.50. Buy a copy ONLINE HERE or check out the DIGITAL VERSION. You'll also see plenty of sellers dotted around the Stadium of Light on Saturday who will happily take your money.

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