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Your Roker Report Match Coverage Menu!

The season is nearly here - and here is what we will be offering in terms of match coverage.

Michael Regan

With the new season now just days away, we thought it was time we updated you on the full range of match-coverage we like to provide.

Despite everything else we do, our site will always be primarily about what is happening on the pitch. In fact, in a standard week and barring the odd news item or feature, our match coverage will stretch from Thursday mornings through to Monday afternoon!

We have made the odd tweak and added a brand new weekly feature to the build-up, giving us, we hope, a fresh and fuller service.

Here are the details:

Roker Riches: For those who like to get in on the betting action. Our writers, headed up by Luke Bowley, will offer a tip for the Sunderland match and one for your weekend football coupon. We'll also keep and publish a league for a bit of fun and so you know who to trust with your hard-earned!

Fantasy Football Scout: For many, Fantasy Football has become a quintessential part of the modern match-day routine. We had our own league last year but kind of forgot about it. This year, to ensure that people keep their eyes on the prize (literally – more details on that to come), Nick Holden will present a weekly feature in which he updates the standings and offers up some transfer market advice for the week ahead.

Fan Focus: A veritable stalwart of Roker Report, in Fan Focus we invite a well-informed follower of the opposition to impart a little knowledge and give us an idea about how the game is being approached from the other side of the fence.

Preview: We'll take you through the team news, relevant manager quotes and key match-ups, as well as offering up a classic encounter and a prediction or two. The last stop in the week before tools down.

Wise Men Say Podcast: Those splendid chaps have all your Sunderland podcast need covered, with a variety of weekly audio goodies on offer.

Match-days: Our match-day service is so packed we often wonder how we find the time to actually watch the match itself. We'll have the confirmed line-ups for you around two, live tweets throughout the game, and a match report complete with player ratings after the final whistle.

Quick Kicks: Having allowed the game to sink in a little, we offer a few brief bite-sized thoughts. Who impressed, who didn't, why not, where next... that kind of thing. It is more interesting than it sounds. Honest.

Talking Tactics: This is where we draw a line under the previous game and start thinking about the next. If analysis, statistics and pictures is your thing, then this is for you. We look at the game in painstaking detail, usually to find out what went wrong...

And that's what we do. Let's hope for more wins to discuss, more goals to analyse and more quality players to rave about! Whatever happens, you won't find better specialist Sunderland coverage anywhere.

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