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Sunderland On Verge Of Sealing Defender Deal

After a summer of searching, Sunderland may finally be about to ensnare a full back.

Sunderland are close to finally ending their summer-long search for a right back by completing a deal for Trabzonspor's Ondrej Celustka.

Sunderland's interest in the 24-year-old Czech emerged last week, but already looks to be nearing a conclusion with the player's own official Facebook page suggesting things are at an advanced stage:

After wearing Trabsonspor's jersey for two seasons, Celustka will meet with Sunderland to sign a contract. The Trabsonspor official website should announce this transfer in the next two days.

Whilst we don't know a great deal about Celustka, any news of a full back signing is likely to be welcomed at this stage. Craig Gardner has been filling in on the right side of the defence, but he is suspended for the opening game of the Premier League season. That hasn't really left an especially extensive list of appealing alternatives.

Celustka should arrive ready to play, having appeared for Trabzonspor 8 times this summer in friendlies and European qualifiers.

Of course, this is Sunderland, so we won't be counting our chickens. After all, Gino Peruzzi traveled to Wearside apparently to sign a contract before being struck down by the Sunderland full back curse. Still, fingers crossed this one gets over the line without a hitch.

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