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Bardsley Hopes For Swift Exit

The writing has been on the wall for a while for Phil Bardsley, and now he's confirmed he's headed for the exit.

Clive Brunskill

From the minute Paolo Di Canio entered the club you could sense that maybe Phil Bardsley's time on Wearside might be up. Ever since his infamous dalliance in a local casino it's been a case of when and not if he'll leave. Now in an interview with ITV, he's confirmed that he could well be on his way.

Today the Scottish international told Simon Rourke;

I think it's quite clear to everyone that I'm not part of the plans at the club, so I'm just waiting and you know hopefully something will pop up in the near future.

When asked if there was anything on the horizon the former Manchester United fullback explained;

Yeah there has [been interest], yeah, so as I say, just waiting and hopefully something is just round the corner.

So there you have it. Rumoured suitors have been quite limited for Bardsley though, with only really Hull City being linked, and even that seems a somewhat spurious link based on only the fact Steve Bruce is there and a few other Sunderland rejects.

Either way, he's on his way to the first available club it seems. Who knows now in this new multi-cultural team will take his place to do all the clapping, shouting, pointing and generally being out of position quite a lot. Front runners include James McClean (also rumoured to be leaving) and Seb Larsson who despite being a good footballer (unlike Bardsley) does enjoy an exasperated arm-wave and could be ready to step things up.

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