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Player Of The Last Ten Years Poll, Round One: Stephane Sessegnon Vs Jack Colback

Two men enter, one man leaves. You know how this works. Anyway, will Stephane Sessegnon's goals, magic and tricks be enough to overcome the hard-working, reliable and generally pleasant Jack Colback? Vote and decide...

Mike Hewitt

Stephane Sessegnon

Sessegnon may not have had the greatest of seasons this year, but it can't be forgotten just how brilliant the little Beninese magician can be on his day. Now, I know my favourite Sessegnon goal; I imagine that it's the same as everyone else's. However, I'm taking a gamble that he's going to make it through this round, and so I'm saving that little piece of magic for later. Instead, feast your eyes on two of Sessegnon's fantastic goals from the season before last. First, his fantastic goal against Swansea (Link) . And then his goal against Norwich (Link - sorry for the awful video). The Norwich goal is a particular favourite; featuring some amazing footwork to move the ball forwards from the centre-circle, whilst evading the challenges of several Norwich players, followed by a lovely ball out to Fraizer Campbell on the flank, and a powerful run into the box in order to head the ball home.

The skill involved in those two goals is incredible, and shows what a naturally talented footballer Sessegnon is. Yes he may be infuriatingly inconsistent at times, but some of his goals (and there are many more that I could've chosen from, and others that I'm saving up) are the sort that would give pundits up and down the country wet-dreams if they were scored by players like Van Persie or Aguero. In the last decade, Sess is certainly one of the most talented players to pull on a red and white shirt. It would be ludicrous to let him go out of this competition at such an early stage...especially when the best of his highlights reel is yet to be trotted out... (NH)

Jack Colback

What would a cup competition be without a couple of underdog giant-killings?

Jack Colback is about as 'underdoggy' as they come. He is small and unspectacular, granted, but good lord does the the lad do his bit. Whether he is asked to play central midfield, left back, left wing, or even right back, he doesn't complain or kick up a fuss. He simply gets on with it with the absolute minimum of fuss, puts in a shift, and quietly gets the job done.

When the dreaded 'rallying call' is demanded by the press in difficult runs, he never hides or shirks the responsibility. Got a dirty job that needs doing? 'Give it to Colback', seems to be the mantra of three Sunderland managers now. Quite simply, he gets it done.

Okay, so he isn't ever going to be a matchwinner. He is never going to be a flair player or one to get bums off seats. But it would be wholly unfair to suggest he is lacking in quality. He has a lovely first touch, is an accurate passer of the ball, tackles well, and his refusal to hide extends to his support for the man in possession always being consistently good.

Plonk him in a possession team and he would no doubt be widely hailed in the same manner that Joe Allen and Leon Britton are.

He is up against it in this match-up against a genuine fan-favourite of real quality.The vast majority have probably decided to vote against him before even reading a thing. You can't really blame them.

Yet we all know how he would handle it. He would prepare diligently and professionally all week long, and then stick doggedly to the task on the pitch without fuss and, let's face it, probably end up marking Sessegnon out of the game. The least he deserves is some genuine consideration. (MG)


Be sure to make your vote count and send one of these two through to the next round. Make your voice heard below, because you only have until 11pm (GMT) tonight to get your vote in...

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