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The Roker Report Fantasy Football League 2013/14!

Yet again we've set up a Fantasy Football League. Sign up today and prove yourself one of the managerial greats alongside Ferguson, Clough, Guardiola and Dowie...

Chris McGrath

Following the rousing success of last year where someone (who we can't remember, sorry!) won the Roker Report's Fantasy Football League and with it literally some acclaim, we've got another league set up for the up and coming season.

Last year, with the obvious exception of me, everyone in Roker Report Towers was basically a bit rubbish - so there's a real chance that you can prove that you finally know more than your favourite gang of loveable gobshites! And, as an added bonus, this year there's the prize of half a bag of Walker's crisps and a slightly chewed biro that I found down the back of the sofa. So you don't want to miss out on that now, do you?

We're using the Premier League's site again because it's one of the best ones, and also as it's free to set up a team on. For those who haven't done it before: you get given £100m, and get to invest it in a squad of 15 players from which you select your matchday squad every week. Further to that, you can also make transfers and change your squad throughout the season. It's a good laugh and actually makes neutral games involving teams like West Brom feel like they have some kind of vague point to them.

The site is at:

And the code to join our private league is:


Good luck and happy managing!

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